Baby Proofing Service Long Island

Once a baby begins rolling over and crawling, one of the most dangerous places actually becomes the home. In fact, more children die each year from injuries that could have been prevented than from every childhood disease combined! That’s a scary statistic, but there’s plenty parents can do about it. Baby-proofing your home is the number one way to help safeguard your child against many injuries and deaths. But how can you be sure you’ve done everything you can to make your home safe? Long Islanders can turn to All Star Baby Safety, a professional baby-proofing company based in Levittown. There are many do-it-yourself products out there to keep baby safe, but if installed incorrectly, these products can become ineffectual and even hazardous. Parents may buy a supposedly simple mechanism to baby-proof kitchen cabinets, only to come home and find that it has quite a few pieces and parts that must be drilled into cabinetry. An opening into your den may be too wide for standard childproofing gates, and attempting to install a makeshift gate can get complicated and messy, not to mention that it might not work. This is dangerous for your child and your home, since many parents inadvertently scratch, chip, or break cabinets, drawers, furniture, or walls when trying to baby-proof, and their attempts are often unsuccessful. Advertisement However, All Star Baby Safety can come to the rescue with a professionally trained staff experienced in every aspect of childproofing a residence. Let them assess your specific needs and install an individualized set of gates, locks, barriers, and whatever else you require. The company has been featured on New York’s Fox 5 and WPIX 11 channels, as well as being voted best baby proofer by New York Magazine. Even more importantly, Tom Treanor ,the owner and operator of, All Star Baby Safety has been awarded the designation of Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer, meaning that he meets the standards of the International Association for Child Safety. Every home and family is different, but All Star Baby Safety is determined to find a solution to all childproofing concerns. They use top rated products for safety and quality, as well as customizing the installation to fit whatever issues your home might present. The staff knows how to spot danger zones that even homeowners themselves may be unaware of, giving parents the satisfaction that the job is really done right. There is nothing like the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve done everything to keep your children safe, so give All Star Baby Safety a call and start baby-proofing right away.

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