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  • Pool fence season is here

    After one of the hardest and coldest winters on Long Island its time for parents to open their pools again.  Some for the first time since having children.  That means its time to review pool safety measures. A pool cover … Continue reading

  • Trust in Google

    We would like to thank Google for recognizing the value of information on this website of ours.  Just recently weve been given the top spot for people searching for “baby proofing Long Island” Keep up the good work and so … Continue reading

  • Baby Proofing Service Long Island

    Once a baby begins rolling over and crawling, one of the most dangerous places actually becomes the home. In fact, more children die each year from injuries that could have been prevented than from every childhood disease combined! That’s a … Continue reading

  • Why Should I Baby Proof

    * **MECAP reports filed electronically Asphyxiation/Suffocation *A 14-day-old female infant was found lying supine in her crib unresponsive with the infant size comforter pulled up over her face. The mother had fed her and swaddled her in a receiving blanket. … Continue reading